How to design a research and write an original article in urology

Course objectives:
Explanation of the basic principles of fundamentals of study design, scientific wiring and publication

Training outlines:
The objective of this course is to help trainees in writing their research in a simple and practical manner based on the long personal experience of the course director in this regard. Clinicians find difficulties in understanding the difference between various types of study design and how to choose the best study design to achieve their objectives. This course contains clinician-to-clinician advice on the fundamentals of studs design which are integral part of any scientific work.  The course will also shed the light on how to test the diagnostic performance of a new diagnostic modality in urology. The course will also help urologists to differentiate between weak and strong studies through presention of an over view on evidence based medicine. The course will guide urologists to perfrom randomized controlled trial (RCT) which is the gold standard in medicine. Moreover, the course contains precious advice form an editor on how to write and critically appraise a medical original article.


01:30 PM - 01:40 PMIntroduction
01:40 PM - 02:10 PMStudy design in Urological research
02:10 PM - 02:40 PMHow to carry out a randomized controlled trial in Urology?
02:40 PM - 03:10 PMTesting a test in Urology
03:10 PM - 03:30 PMBreak
03:30 PM - 04:00 PMEvidence-based medicine: How to apply in Urology?
04:00 PM - 04:30 PMHow to write an original article in Urology?

Targeted population:

  • Post- graduate candidates
  • Researchers of all calibers
Registration Fee
Conference Attendees USD 15
Course ParticipantsUSD 20

Training outcomes:

At the end of the training, trainees should be able to know:

  • Types of study design in urological research.
  • How to do a randomized controlled trial (RCT).
  • How to test the diagnostic performance of a new test in urology.
  • How to write an original article.
  • How to review an original article.