The Arab School of Urology (ASU) has been founded in 2017 as the educational platform which serve to develop and maintain the urological knowledge and professional skills of urologists in Arab world and beyond (Read More)


ASU will deliver intellectual and surgical skills education through multidisciplinary approach including online education, master classes, live surgery events, and hands-on-training. These educational models should cover main disciplines of minimally invasive laparoscopic and endourological techniques, onco-urology, and functional & pelvic reconstructive surgery.


Faculty members and leaders of ASU disciplines are recognized experts from all over Arabic countries, they will be required to develop and maintain educational plans for their individual filed of experience. This is of utmost importance to allow expert Arabic tutors to build-up a confident and maintained educational approach. Moreover, it will minimize costs of inviting foreign tutors and therefore, more finance can be directed towards to the actual educational process.

Target candidate

Teaching and learning in urology, for doctors at any stage of a urological career, and for allied professionals working in the area. ASU is using a wide range of materials and techniques for effective learning, and also for enhancing the learning experience. ASU will aim to stimulate, coordinate and organize all postgraduate teaching and education activities at the highest level possible. Therefore all teaching activities organized by the ASU will be open to constant examination.

Learning objectives

Short Term:

As appropriate, training is mandatory to acquire the necessary skills of minimally invasive techniques, beginners should gain considerable training and experience so as to minimize the rate of complications and to conduct a safe surgery.

This should be achieved through the 3 subsequent steps:

  1. Knowledge: the anatomy, instrumentations, operation room, approach and complications
  2. Comprehension: step by step how to do it, managing difficulties, new ideas, illustrations, on models teaching and variable preferences
  3. Application: applying words to real action on models, wet lab or animal and cadaver lab with monitoring, discussion and mentoring.
  4. Evaluation through exam

Long term:

  • To be established as a recognized training by Arabic Board of Urology
  • To establish Arabic Guidelines in Urology
Yasser Farahat

Yasser Farahat

Ahmed Hammady

Ahmed Hammady
Secretary General